We are all praying

We are all praying

Some bend to their knees to pray.

Some go for a hike to pray.

Some do yoga to pray.

Some work to pray. 

Some scream at the television to pray.

Some send a digital post to the world to pray.

Some drink to pray. Some cook to pray.

Some create to pray.

Some, at the end of the day, pray the prayers of their youth to pray, having no other words.

In the tabernacles, the churches, the mosques,

In the forests, in the deserts, to the water,

In the studios, on the mats,

In the multitudinous places of earning a living and following a dream,

In the living rooms,

In the internet chat rooms, 

In the pubs, under the bridges, in kitchens, in shelters,

In their words, their paint and sound, their stamp, their footstep in a community, 

In the solitary place of their bed….

We are all praying that our prayers would have a common theme.

                                   – Kathleen C Cooper 

On the day of the Inauguration of President Joseph Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris  1/20/21