That Darned Sweater


That Darned Sweater. Copyright Kathleen C Cooper 2015

That Darned Sweater. Kathleen C Cooper. December 2015.

Kevin’s experientially distressed wool sweater, felted and repaired with mixed metal darning and knitted wire patchwork.   Hand-made steel hanging structure. Found & repurposed mirror and salvaged hanging wire, knitted brass wire hanger cover. Approximately 30” vertical by 28” horizontal, 8” deep.

When I dream of being other people

When I dream of being other people

When I am other people in my dreams

It’s usually ominous, augural

Like the time I dreamt I couldn’t walk and found out

The next day that she

Got a diagnosis of ms –

multiple sclerosis – parading, coursing over her nerves and muscles.

A terrifying dream of getting beat up, or threatened,

Was remembered the next afternoon during a telephone chat

While he

waited for a bus

And he started yelling and cursing – warning someone to ‘back off, man!’

My heart was stopped, and panicking

I begged him to get away-

To call for the police.

Or the time

I dreamt of my teeth

Becoming like wood

Peeling and starting to crack like old shutters or window frames

At an old beach cottage

I looked it up in a dream dictionary

And learned that some Hispanic peoples

Consider problematic teeth dreams to indicate

That a loved one is not well

And then that day she


And gashed her head – her ancient and solid head full of nearly all its teeth –

The concussion was making her vomit.

That’s why I was startled when I saw you today.

Kathleen C Cooper    October 8, 2013



I ran into my day today

Out of bed on two feet and down the steps to sugary cereal and hours of tv cartoons

I ran into my day today

Quickly to bus stop grabbing at my things and hoping it was all there

I ran into my day today

Across the room to silence the offending alarm after a long long night of books and beer

I ran into my day today

Unwillingly pulled from a dream by my beautiful crying baby

I ran into my day today

Into a daily routine of loving and watching

coaxing urging praising feeding nagging supplying

I ran into my day today

And there was nothing there

I ran into my day today

One foot in front of the other watching the bricks and pavement go by

I ran into my day today

Nov 20 2009