Ecclesiasticus said so

How interesting … words that came across my way, today, by way of Ecclesiasticus – “He has placed before you fire and water; stretch out your hand for whichever you choose.”

I have been sensing too much “water” energy in my life recently.  Time to take up the fire. A project is overdue to move forward.





Springtime in an Old House


What started as a trickle

seeping from an unnoticed crack,

when winter snows were warming

and rain-soaked skies were coming,

found a flow-line in my basement,

towards a sump-pump, often fickle,

in a corner towards the back.


A fountain-pool of tinkling droplets

quietly collected as I slept.

Soon spring gathered volume and velocity;

by night, its sources gained variety.

Now in my boots and with my broom,

and frantic tinkering with the float,

I’m sweeping water from a moat.


Newport, RI  

April 17 , 1996 (Revised 4/02/12)