poem for solstice



The ancient ceremony starts in autumn

blessing earthly work and wonder;

Rituals of reaping, burning brightly,

moon arising, leaves asunder.

Barely a blink – a summer dream –

rushing did the warmer solstice fly;

And now we are tucked quietly into winter

under the blanket of a cold, cold starry sky.

-Kathleen C. Cooper, December 2020

We are all praying

We are all praying

Some bend to their knees to pray.

Some go for a hike to pray.

Some do yoga to pray.

Some work to pray. 

Some scream at the television to pray.

Some send a digital post to the world to pray.

Some drink to pray. Some cook to pray.

Some create to pray.

Some, at the end of the day, pray the prayers of their youth to pray, having no other words.

In the tabernacles, the churches, the mosques,

In the forests, in the deserts, to the water,

In the studios, on the mats,

In the multitudinous places of earning a living and following a dream,

In the living rooms,

In the internet chat rooms, 

In the pubs, under the bridges, in kitchens, in shelters,

In their words, their paint and sound, their stamp, their footstep in a community, 

In the solitary place of their bed….

We are all praying that our prayers would have a common theme.

                                   – Kathleen C Cooper 

On the day of the Inauguration of President Joseph Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris  1/20/21

poem for Hallowtide

Some will be ghosts

     a psalm: Quidam nunc recordatus

Some are now remembered

       but unknown,

       that is, lives

       concluded –

       acceptably or not;

these are the saints and souls.

Evidence occasional,

      a buffer, interference,

      guardians and watchers;

these are angels.

Life, untidy

      shifting modes of existence –

      entirely reasonable, fair even;

      in the case of a life unresolved,

some will be ghosts.

                          – Kathleen C Cooper 10.28.2020 

Sculpture: Memory, threads of thought and image

Memory, threads of thought and image

Kathleen C. Cooper.  2017.  Welded steel, copper wire, galvanized steel wire, photographs, film negatives and photography ephemera.

This is difficult to photograph – inside are antique film negatives of various format collected from family members. (What looks like “movie film” is actually film negatives threaded together with copper wire.)

In this work I attempted to make the connection between memories and all of the ephemera and personal documentation we create and collect in our lives, much of it hidden away – possibly forgotten or fading – in boxes, files and storage – both physical and mental.

here’s the text in the mirror…..musings on women’s work & thriftiness

A woman’s work is never done. There

now it’s as good as new. Darn it! I just fixed

that yesterday! Waste not, want not. It’s

perfectly good…that’ll hold it for a while. Wasted knots

not wanted. A stitch in time saves nine.

Nine stitches, just in time. (She thought she was done.) Idle

hands are the devil’s workshop. Not

again! Here let me have that… (Knot again.) A penny

saved is a penny earned. Sometimes, it seems I’ve

only earned a penny spent. A woman’s work is done.

Kathleen C Cooper 2015


That Darned Sweater


That Darned Sweater. Copyright Kathleen C Cooper 2015

That Darned Sweater. Kathleen C Cooper. December 2015.

Kevin’s experientially distressed wool sweater, felted and repaired with mixed metal darning and knitted wire patchwork.   Hand-made steel hanging structure. Found & repurposed mirror and salvaged hanging wire, knitted brass wire hanger cover. Approximately 30” vertical by 28” horizontal, 8” deep.