That Darned Sweater


That Darned Sweater. Copyright Kathleen C Cooper 2015

That Darned Sweater. Kathleen C Cooper. December 2015.

Kevin’s experientially distressed wool sweater, felted and repaired with mixed metal darning and knitted wire patchwork.   Hand-made steel hanging structure. Found & repurposed mirror and salvaged hanging wire, knitted brass wire hanger cover. Approximately 30” vertical by 28” horizontal, 8” deep.

2 thoughts on “That Darned Sweater

    • Musings on women’s work & thriftiness:

      A woman’s work is never done. There
      now it’s as good as new. Darn it! I just fixed
      that yesterday! Waste not, want not. It’s
      perfectly good…that’ll hold it for a while. Wasted knots
      not wanted. A stitch in time saves nine.
      Nine stitches, just in time. (She thought she was done.) Idle
      hands are the devil’s workshop. Not
      again! Here let me have that… (Knot again.) A penny
      saved is a penny earned. Sometimes, it seems I’ve
      only earned a penny spent. A woman’s work is done.
      Kathleen C Cooper 2015

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